Last fall, I completed an immersive coding program through Tech Talent South, where I learned the basics of front- and back-end development using Ruby as the fundamental programming language. Ruby on Rails, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery and APIs were some of the new languages and concepts I learned during the course, and I built on my prior knowledge of HTML and CSS. I used Atom for text editing.

Some of the projects I built include a personal website, a mock Twitter app, a coffee business app, a travel app about a study abroad trip to Germany I participated in in college and a mockup of Google’s homepage. My code for these projects, along with other homework and coding practice apps, can be found on my Github account.

Google Homepage

Using HTML and CSS, I built a mockup of Google’s homepage. The homepage isn’t functional (I’m still working on that piece), but it was fun learning how to tailor the markup code to mirror Google.


Personal Website

Part of the coding program was building a personal website. I already had one – this site – which I decided to keep, but to fulfill the homework requirement I built a simpler site with a functional search box .